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What If ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ Was Made In Pahad

It’s kinda interesting, people have made houses and cities to make their lives easier, so they wouldn’t have to work heavy farm labor and rely on weather for survival, and that should translate to peace. But when it comes to where we find the most peace and relaxation. It’s back to nature !

Top 11 things every pahadi will relate to ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’

What happiness, joy, fear and sadness means for pahadi people.

1. We Pahadi are born adventurers

2. Pahadi girls are love

3. Pahadiyon ki Life main kisi bhi cheez ki kami ho jaaye. Chalega ! par flavour ki kami nahi honi chahiye

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4. Thand bohot hoti hai yaar yahan ! Jada judge mat karo.

5 . Agar hum Pahadiyon ka bas chalta to Chai aaj national beverage hoti

6. Wake Up dagadiyon

7. Cheers !

8. Life khud ke liye jiyo, dusron ko jalane ke liye nahi

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9. ‘Mountains are calling’, aur hume jana bhi chahiye

10. ‘Ro mat laati…’, we Pahadi hate tears

11. life is in hills, cities are exhausting

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